The “Wealth Matters” column in The New York Times quotes Aaron Schindler on managing assets and financial planning for successful artists.  Titled How the Rich and Famous Can Stay Rich (if not Famous), Wealth Matters columnist Paul Sullivan spoke to Schindler about the challenges of getting creative people to plan their finances and make adjustments according to age, career arc, shifting goals and dependents, and the type of legacy the artist wants to leave.

Columnist Paul Sullivan also spoke with Schindler’s client Russ Titelman, a music producer with three Grammy awards for recordings he made with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, about how Russ has become more aware of managing his finances since becoming independent.  From The New York Times story: “Aaron Schindler, a managing director at the Wealth Advisory Group who has built his practice serving artists, including Mr. Titelman, said getting his clients to understand the big picture was often the greatest challenge. “It’s a left brain-right brain thing,” he said.”

See the story in The New York Times.

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